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Building Bridges Project

St Thomas' visited us to take part in different STEM activities. Each task involved us working in a team and continuing to build our friendships. Children worked in small groups to create a map of the journey from St Thomas' to Whitefield using recyclable materials. Children then directed the beebots around the map. The activity generated much discussion, debating and problem solving. Children had to work as a team to make decisions and then present their map to the rest of the group.

Picture 1 Friendships
Picture 2 Sharing their map with the rest of the group
Picture 3 Making the beebot travel around the map
Picture 4 Using recyclable materials to make a map
Picture 5 Problem solving
Picture 6 Discussing
We were invited to visit St Thomas' to take part in different activities. We had a fantastic morning building friendships and demonstrating teamwork! 
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

Building Bridges is a project that involves making links with schools in the local area to share our values, culture and religions. Class 9 have linked with St Thomas' in Barrowford.


We met the year 2 children from St Thomas' to join in some team games and sporting activities. We made lots of new friends and had a great day getting to know one another.

Picture 1 Ice breaker game to get to know each other
Picture 2 New best friends!
Picture 3 Aneesa and Freddy won a problem solving challenge
Picture 4 Enjoying lunch with our new friends
We joined in with different sports activities, including football, basket ball, athletics, races and problem solving! We worked in teams and learnt lots about our new friends.
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