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During our Explorers topic, we read The Great Explorer by Chris Judge and used the plot to help us write our own explorer stories. It was very exciting to think of the different obstacles and near misses that our characters had to experience! Luckily, it always turned out OK in the end. We hope you enjoy reading some of them.

See if you can retell the story using our story map at the bottom of this page.


To help us generate some ideas for our stories, our friend Toad came to our class with lots of interesting and mysterious artefacts. We spent a whole day working in teams to create characters (with some very complex back stories!) and plots that included lots of obstacles for our characters to deal with. We created maps to help us visualise and tell our stories to our friends. I think you'll agree that they are pretty epic!

Local Explorers


We went on a little adventure to visit our friends at Wheatley Lane Primary School in Fence as part of our Building Bridges partnership. This was the first time that some of us had been to another school and it was very exciting! We played some team games, made some amazing friendship trees using different materials and enjoyed some fruit and a drink in their classroom.

We are very much looking forward to them coming to visit our school in the Spring term.



Our artist this term was David Hockney who is a famous painter from Bradford. We looked at the landscapes that he painted and were inspired by his use of bold, vibrant colours and simple lines. We explored mixing water colours but found that chalk pastels were better at reflecting some of Hockney's work. 

After observing various landscapes of Nelson, we produced our own landscapes in the style of David Hockney, creating our own lines and selecting our own vibrant colours.

The Great Explorer by Chris Judge


See if you can retell the story using the story map below.

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