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Me and my friends

This half term we are learning all about ourselves. In science we began by thinking about our bodies. We drew around our friends and added labels for the different body parts.
In art we have been exploring the work of Picasso. We sketched our faces and then thought about how we could use different colours, lines, patterns and shapes to create artwork in the style of Picasso.
We used our forest schools area to create some artwork using natural materials. We collected objects and created a self portrait.
One very exciting morning in class 6 a penguin appeared in our classroom! He brought the story 'Lost and Found'. We are enjoying exploring this text this half term in our Literacy lessons.
In science we did an investigation to explore our senses. We thought about our hearing by guessing which instruments had been played. We explored taste by tasting different flavours of crisps. Finally we investigated touch by feeling different objects.
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