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Me and my friends

This half term our topic is 'Me and my Friends'


We began our topic by thinking about ourselves through art. We have explored the work of Picasso and created self portraits in his style. Take a look at some of our learning below! We had lots of fun exploring the use of line, colour and material.

In science we enjoyed thinking about the different parts of our bodies. We worked in a group to draw round our friend and label the parts of the body.
We also conducted an investigation to find out 'Are all humans the same?'. We thought about how far we could stretch, how wide our handspan was and how far we could jump. This investigation also helped us to think about our British Value of the month 'Diversity.'
We had fun investigating our senses, we thought carefully about which musical instrument was being played, which flavour of crisp we could taste and which object we could feel. 
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