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Our key text this half term is 'The Queen's Hat' by Steve Anthony. 
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We produced so much fantastic learning from this text. We wrote our own stories and thought about where the Queen's hat might travel if she was to visit Nelson. We also created information texts to give visitors to our school more information about Nelson. Here is just a snap shot of our learning...
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 1 What is there to see in Nelson?
Picture 2 How are the Queen's men feeling?
Picture 3 Planning our own stories
Picture 4 How would you feel if you were the Queen's men?
Picture 5 When you come to Nelson you should visit...
Picture 6 Story based on The Queen's Hat
In Geography we have been learning all about our local area. Please help your child to learn their home address including their house number and street name. Thank you.
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