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Playtime Buddies

School council spent some time at break and lunch reviewing behaviour on the playground. Here is what school council saw and heard during playtimes...
We introduced playtime buddies at playtime and lunchtime to help any children who were struggling to find someone to play with or to help them solve any problems.
Picture 1 Fatima helped Hassan to catch
Picture 2 Ismeel kept everyone safe in the quiet zone
Picture 3 Fatima teaching children on the hopscotch
Picture 4 Superman keeping children safe by the school gates
Picture 5 Murtaza looking after the year 1 children
Picture 6 Looking after children at first aid
Picture 7 Aiza keeping guard by the toilets
Picture 8 Year 1 school councillors working as a team

After two weeks we sent each class a questionnaire to find out if they had found playtime buddies useful.


66 children in Key stage 1 said they had used a playtime buddy and they had helped them solve a problem! 

Thank you Class 7 for your feedback and suggestion to introduce some more playtime buddies to help the school councillors. Each class will choose two more children to be our playtime buddies, to ensure everyone is happy and safe at playtimes.
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