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We have been out to check that are bulbs were growing. We had to pull out some weeds and turn some bulbs around so that the roots were going down in to the ground. We even found a slug!
Class 7 want to make the school grounds as lovely as possible. Keep watching our garden to see our spring bulbs start to peep through the soil. We make sure the weeds are pulled out, leaving room in the soil for the bulbs to grow. Ask your child which bulbs they planted and if you would like to help us look after our garden please come in to tell Mrs Wilkinson. We would be very pleased to have your help.
Picture 1
Picture 1
Class 7 have been looking at the many different species of birds that visit our school gardens. Mrs Kirkbride is helping them to put up feeding areas to attract birds. They have been busy putting up identification pictures to help the other children learn about birds.
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