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One Literacy time in class 6, we came inside to find a big mess in our classroom! Class 6 had to be detectives to find out who had caused all the trouble! We think it was something small and round and green that has escaped from the freezer!
This half term in art we will be working with Miss Smith. We will be exploring 'Pop Art' and learning lots of new skills and techniques like printing and collaging.
In science we will be learning all about animals. We started our topic with a visit from the scientist Steven Lewis Neille. He brought in lots of animals for us to investigate and observe!
Class 6 went on a local walk to the cenotaph as part of our history lessons. We saw the poppies that had been left and learnt all about remembrance day.
This half term we enjoyed a visit from Altru Drama. We performed a play in a day all about Superheroes and justice! We developed our speaking and listening skills and showed so much confidence when performing to our families at the end of the day.
In our design and technology lessons we designed a parachute for Supertato! Once we had designed it we worked as a group to make the parachute and we tested by dropping the parachute from a ladder. After we had tested our parachutes we evaluated them and thought about what we would change if we made them again.
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