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Where do I belong?

This half term, we are thinking about where we belong: our family, our school and our community.

We will be learning about our family tree and our own personal timelines in history. In geography, we will be looking at maps of our local area to find where we live and plot our routes to school. In science, we are learning about animals including humans and how we can stay healthy.

The artist that we have been studying is Amedeo Modigliani who is famous for painting portraits in a very unusual style. We hope you like our interpretations.....!

In literacy, our key texts are Big Bad Owl by Steve Smallman and Scaredy Squirrel by Melanie Watt. We are looking closely at the contrasting characters, thinking about their thoughts, feelings and actions.

In our maths lessons, we will be learning about number, place value, addition, subtraction, shape and measures.

Self Portraits, Modigliani Style



In science, we looked at what animals including humans need to survive. We found out that all animals need food, water, warmth, air and shelter to survive and that we would still be able to live without a Playstation!

To show what we learned, we worked in teams to build structures for an animal that could live in our school garden.

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