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A Knight's Tale

A Knights Tale.

This half term our core text is Sir Charlie Stinky Socks The Really Big Adventure. We will be following Sir Charlie in his adventure to find out who lives of the tall tall tower with a pointy roof!

In science we have continued our learning about materials and have been investigating the properties of different materials testing which is the most absorbent and whether they are magnetic.

As part of our history learning we have been exploring the parts of a castle and the rooms they have. The children used different construction materials to build their own castles making sure they had a important parts of the castle including, The Keep, A Moat, The Palisade Fence, Turrets and A Draw Bridge. 

Clitheroe Castle!

Take a look at the photographs from our visit to Clitheroe Castle. We got to explore the keep of the castle and walk along the castle walls. We built Motte and Bailey castles and even became a part of S.W.O.R.D (a secret society to protect dragons).  

This half term we celebrated world book day. We decorated hats with our favourite book and spent some time relaxing reading our favourite books. 
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