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A walk through the woods

In forest school we went on a winter word hunt to learn all about the season of winter. Then we made bird feeders to make sure that the birds had enough food for the winter.
In science we are learning about materials. We explored the properties of different materials through some practical investigations. We also went on a material hunt around school.
In art we have been exploring the work of Gustav Klimt. We have studied 'The Tree of Life' and created our own artwork in his style.
Picture 1
In maths we used the Numicon to help us to double numbers!
In science we investigated the properties of different materials. We needed to make a new mop for Cinderella so we tested materials to see if they would absorb water, not break easily and if they could be used again. 
In maths we are learning how to use arrays to help us solve multiplication problems.
We looked in our forest school area for beautiful things in nature. We created a piece of artwork with what we found!
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