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Additional Home Learning (While we are apart)

28th June

Hi everyone. I want you to look closely at this picture and make a list of nouns, adjectives and verbs. Don't forget to send them to me.

4th June

Hi everyone. Please have a go at these maths questions. I am so looking forward to getting some emails from your families!

4th June

It’s  raining again! Is that a good thing? Why is rain important to our world? Make a list of all your ideas. Ask a grown up to send me your list. 

2nd June

I have been in to school today and I went to look at the gardens. There were some beautiful, red poppies growing in one flower bed. As I walked around I saw a poppy growing on a path, away from the soil in the garden. Can you find out how that poppy plant might have got there? Think about the seeds that are needed to grow a new poppy plant. How did the seeds get to the path? I look forward to your ideas.

31st May

Go out in to your backyard, garden or park and stand still for a few minutes. Write down what you see straight away and then keep looking. What else do you see? Make a list of all the living things, the things that were once alive and the things that you could see that have never been alive.

When you have done that, really focus on a creature you have found. Draw them. Label your drawing. Explain why you think the creatures lives where you found him.

13th May

Lancashire maths team have provided us with some lovely maths activities. Click on the links to try them.

11th May

Very few of you sent me answers to our quiz last week so some slightly different home learning this week.

1. Find some cylinders, cubes and cuboids in your home (kitchen rolls, cereal boxes etc) and make a model with them. Ask an adult to take a photograph and send it to me.

2.How many new words can you make by using the letters in WHITEFIELD? What is the longest word you can make? Send it to me.

3.Mrs Razaq is still feeling poorly. She has hurt her back and she needs cheering up. Write her a letter that will make her smile. Send it to me and I will post them on to her.

4.Watch the daily weather forecasts on TV. I'd like you to become a weather presenter. Describe the weather for that day and ask a grown up to record you. Ask them to send your video to me please.

5. This is a really important thing to learn but lots of you can't do it yet, so, learn to tie your shoe laces. Don't forget to send me a video clip or a photo.

4th May

Hi everyone. You did very well in last week's quiz. Can you get all of these questions right? Don't forget to ask someone to photograph your answers and send them to me.

1. Which canal runs alongside our school?

2. Name 4 items made out of plastic.

3. How many Scaredy Squirrel books have been written by Melanie Watts?

4. Name a tree that lives in our school grounds.

5. Think back to our "Tree of Kind Words". How do you say thank you in Spanish, Italian and French?

6. Name the 7 life processes that tells us that animals, including humans, are alive?

7. Write a sentence that includes a joining word and at least 1 comma.

8. What are the 5 pillars of Islam?

9. What did Neil Armstrong say when he first stepped on the moon?

10. 1/4 of 20 is < or > than 1/2 of 8. Show me how you know.

N. 1/2 of heart = 1/4 of smiley.    What are the possibilities for heart and smiley.  (This is tricky but have a go!)


1st May

Here are some daily maths questions for you to answer. Try your best to do one every day this month and remember to show your working out.

30th April

Hi everyone. Today is a very special day for a very special man. Captain Tom Moore is 100 years old today. I would like you to do some research and find out what life was like in 1920, when Tom was born. What do we have now that we didn’t have then? 


When you have done that I would like you to draw a time line for the last 100 years and add at least 6 important events that have happened during this time. I look forward to getting photos of your home learning.

27th April

Today I am going to write a quiz for you to answer. Do your remember how we used to talk about

“sticky knowledge “? I want to see how much of your previous learning you can remember.


1.What is a baby owl called?

2. What is missing from this food chain?   Sun, plant, .............., hedgehog, fox.

3. Give 1 reason why the Great Fire of London spread so quickly.

4. Who wrote Mr Wolf’s Pancakes?

5. Write one sentence that contains - a noun, an adjective and a verb.

6. Name 5 physical features of Nelson.

7. Explain how you would find the answer to 15x5=.

8. In which religion is Diwali celebrated?

9. Which famous artist lived in Salford, Manchester?

10. In which continent would you find Chad?



I am looking forward to reading your answers. Ask your family to email them to me please.

24th April

Don't forget to keep learning your number bonds for all numbers to at least 20 and your 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables. I wonder who will get my maths puzzle today?


Which has the most biscuits?

4 packets with 5 biscuits in each or 3 packets with 10 biscuits in each?

Show your working out.

23rd April

Another maths puzzle for you! Can anyone beat Yusuf Usman today?

I started with a number. I doubled it. I kept on using my skills of doubling until I got to 96. What number did I start with?

Don’t forget to show me how you found the answer.

23rd April

Hi everyone! Today is Saint George’s Day. He is the patron saint of England. What can you find out about Saint George? He didn’t come from England but can you find out where he did. I’m going to put a video clip on for you to watch. Why don’t you retell the story or do some more research about George? I am looking forward to getting your emails.

22nd April

Today it is World Earth Day and it’s really made me think. We are so lucky to have all the things in our world that we enjoy. When I go for a walk I notice lots of things to be thankful for. I love the trees, the sun, the birds and the grassy hills I can see in the distance.

I’d like you to draw and write about the world that you would like. Think about the natural world, like animals, gardens, forests, seas and rivers. What would your ideal world look like?

Listen to this song. It makes you realise how lucky we are. 

21st April

It is Queen Elizabeth 2nd’s birthday today. Find out how old she is. Draw a picture of her and then list 5 really interesting facts about her. I’m looking forward to your emails.

21st April

Well, I have had to think of a harder maths puzzle! Have a go at this one.

What is the next number? Explain your reasoning.

1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34 ...........

20th April

Hi everyone,

You know how I love beating you all in our class games and quizzes! I want you to try to guess my number by using the clues below. Who will be first to tell me? I win, if no one emails before tomorrow evening.


My clues- It is an even number. It is greater than 48 and less than 78. It is a multiple of 2, 5 and ? If you half it, the number is an odd number. The digits add up to 5.


Email me at

18th April

I hope you enjoyed reading the story of the man on the moon. Now I would like you to do some research and find out about the first, real moon landing.



16th April

This half term we would have been reading a book called Man on the Moon. A Day in the Life of Bob. It is a book written by Simon Bartram. Listen to the story and write a description of Bob. Draw a picture of him too. I look forward to seeing your home learning.


15th April

I have been in to school today. It was very quiet! I have taken some photographs of our school gardens. How many plants can you identify? Write down their names and then write some information about each one. Finish your home learning with some labelled diagrams.

14th April

How many ways can you make 100? Show me in multiples of 10.


Make me a list of 2 digit numbers that add up to 100. This time don’t use multiples of 10.


8th April

The sun is shining outside. We are still apart. How does everyone feel? If you are enjoying your time at home, let me know why. If you would rather be back at school, let me know. 

Please can you write me a letter, explaining your thoughts. Ask your family to photograph your letter and send it to my email address. I can’t wait to read them!

8th April

Click on the link to read a book that tells you all about the coronavirus. It gives you lots of information.

Make a list of facts you have learnt from the book. Don’t forget to send them to me at my email address.

7th April

Let’s think a bit more about spring today. Start with the letter and go all the way through the alphabet to z and write a word about spring for each letter.

a - April

b - blossom

c- crocus

Good luck children. Will you get all the way to z? Send me your lists via email.

3rd April

Why don’t you go for a walk with your mum when she goes out for her daily walk. Look for signs that it is spring time. When you get home draw all the signs you saw. Label your drawings and remember to bring them to school when we go back. Enjoy the fresh air!

2nd April

Hello everyone. I hope you are all safe and well. It’s raining today so we can spend longer on our home learning. I’m going to put a link to One Call Away by Charlie Pugh so that you can learn the song ready for our first assembly, once we are back at school. Missing you all so much.


31st March

The Nightingale Hospital in London is opening to look after the people who have coronavirus. Can you let me know why this new hospital is called Nightingale? Remember all the facts that Mrs Ahmed has been sharing with you.

27th March

I have just finished a jigsaw puzzle of the UK. How many facts can you write down about the 4 countries that make up the UK? Don’t forget to email me your learning. The photo below shows the jigsaw puzzle I have just finished.


What is the same? What is different?

These 2 plants are growing in our school gardens. Write down what you know about them.


Remember to use the Numbots app each day. It is brilliant and it will really help with your mental maths skills. Quick recall of number facts is so important. 

26th March

A maths problem.

Please send me lots of possibilities.

I need to share cat’s biscuits between my 2 cats. Zlatan is bigger than May so he must have 11 more than her. 

How many biscuits might they each get?

Show me!

There are lots of Oliver Jeffers books on YouTube. Listen to his stories and then write a review of them. Compare the characters and stories. Write in your home learning book so that I can read them when we get back.
25th March

There are weekly projects for each year group here that you can work through week by week;


There are also a daily maths lesson and support for year group here;

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