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Attendance and Absence

If your child is ill or absent you MUST inform school by 8.45a.m. You can do this in the following ways:


1. Telephone school (01282) 612807 from 7.30 a.m.

2. See Mr Wesley (Home School Support Leader)

3. Call personally at the school office


Whitefield Infant School and Nursery promotes regular attendance by:

  • Providing a caring and welcoming learning environment which is so enjoyable that children do not want to miss it .
  • Responding promptly to a child’s or parent’s concerns about the school or other pupils
  • Marking registers accurately and punctually during morning and afternoon registration. If a pupil arrives after the register has been taken, a late mark will be recorded
  • Publishing and displaying attendance statistics
  • Celebrating good and improved attendance
  • Monitoring pupils and informing parents in writing of irregular attendance and arranging meetings if necessary


We expect parents to:

  • ALWAYS encourage regular school attendance and be aware of their legal responsibilities.
  • ALWAYS ensure that their children arrive at school punctually and fully prepared for the school day.
  • ALWAYS contact school by 8.45a.m. at the latest when their child is unable to attend school due to illness or any other reason.


Responding to non-attendance:

If a pupil has not attended school and you have not contacted us to let us know why, we will respond in the following manner:

  •  Try to make contact with you via the telephone.
  •  If we cannot contact you on the telephone, visit your home address.
  • Our Home School Support Leader (Mr Wesley) will enquire about ALL absences that we have not been notified about.
  •  If you do not inform school re an absence your child could receive an UNAUTHORISED absence.
  • Mr Southward monitors the attendance of ALL pupils at the school and will contact parents if there are concerns.


Absences will be authorised by the school for the following reasons:

  • Education off site
  •  Medical/ Dental appointment with evidence provided (but please try to make these appointments outside school time if possible)
  • Approved sporting activity
  •  Religious observance
  • Educational visits




We are no longer able to authorise any term time absence unless we are satisfied that there are EXCEPTIONAL circumstances. You may be asked to provide EVIDENCE of any claimed exceptional circumstances.


Whitefield Infant School and Nursery is a very popular choice for parents, and as such, we have a waiting list for admissions in all year groups. Please think carefully before requesting a term-time absence, as it may result in your child losing their place at school.

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