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Design and make a fish puppet

The children in year 2 are designing and making a fish puppet for the children in reception. Their teachers are going to read ONLY ONE YOU and the children will use the fish puppets so that they can join in with the story.
The children looked at lots of puppets and talked about their features, why they were good puppets and how the designs could be improved.
They made a template and used this to think about possible designs.
They talked about the skills they will need to make a puppet.
They drew around their template on to felt and cut the shapes out. They had to be very accurate, if they are going to sew the 2 pieces of felt together to make a quality product.
Once we had sewn our puppets we added the finishings. We stuck to our design as best we could.

We hope you like the finished products! One more job- Are the puppets fit for purpose? Will the reception children like them? 

We needed to test them out!

We evaluated our puppets.
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