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Did it Really Happen (Spring 2)

This half term was all about looking at evidence of things that happened in the past. Our main focus was The Great Fire of London.

In history, the children looked at pictures of firefighting from 1666 to today and identified similarities and differences in the equipment that was used. We looked at a range of sources, including newspapers, paintings and maps from the 17th Century, and the diary of Samuel Pepys to find out more information about what happened.

As many of the children had never experienced a real fire, we went to the forest school to make a campfire. This helped develop our vocabulary to enhance our descriptions and to understand what it would have been like in London in 1666 (although the Great Fire was much, much bigger!). We carefully observed how the flames moved in the wind and noticed how the smoke made it hard to breathe when it was blown into our faces. We saw how the ash from the fire was blown into the sky and fell like snowflakes. We also used this opportunity to toast marshmallows, YUM!

In art, we practised sketching Tudor houses with traditional wooden beams. We used chalk, oil pastels and paint to make fire backgrounds and finally added in the houses in the foreground using charcoal pencils to recreate scenes from 1666.

In science, we hunted for living things in our school grounds and noted where we found them (their habitats). We identified things that are living, dead and things that have never been alive.

Mr Brown helped us to compose a piece of music to tell the story of The Great Fire of London. We included crescendo to show how the fire started from a tiny spark and grew into a huge inferno.

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