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Early Language Development

Welcome to our Early Language Development webpage.  In here we will share strategies and support for you to help develop your child’s language.


The importance of developing early language

Speech, language, and communication are important areas of development for children.  They play a vital role throughout our lives, helping us to understand what is going on around us, communicate our basic needs and feelings, hold conversations, think and learn, develop relationships, solve problems, and more.  


As parents and teachers we play a significant role in helping to improve children’s language development and outcomes.  Talking to young children during everyday activities can help them learn communication skills such as:

* listening

* attention

* turn taking in conversations

* learning new words



Walk and Talk

As a school, we are supporting Lancashire County Council's 'Walk and Talk' campaign.  This is to promote the development and importance of early language development.


Please click on the website below to find out lots of information about this campaign and ideas for you to support your child's early language development.

Walk and Talk Pledge Certificate

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