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Easter Activities

As we have started our Easter holidays I thought I would share with you some 'egg-cellent' ideas and activities that you may enjoy doing.  Don't forget to send any photographs or videos of you completing some of these tasks.

Make Chocolate Nests

These are very easy to make and I would have loved to make some of these with you in class, but you could always try making them at home.  There are lots of recipes online, but here is one suggestion:

Easter Egg Patterns:

You could make your own Easter Egg patterns using different objects that you can find in your house or in your garden.

Egg and Spoon Race:

How about having an Egg and Spoon race.  You could have a race with your family, but be careful not to drop the egg!

Make a Magic Potion:

You could make a magic potion.  What magical powers could your potion give you?  Remember to write the recipe down and then you can share it with us when we come back to school.

Flower Dissection:

You could become a Scientist and cut up a flower and find the different parts of a flower.  Can you name and label the different parts of a flower?

Paint Your Favourite Spring Flower:

What is your favourite Spring flower?  Is it a daffodil or a tulip?  You could draw and paint your favourite flower and then share your picture with your friends.

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