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Flight (Summer 1)

We started this topic by looking at the history of flight, particularly how aeroplanes have evolved over time since the Wright brothers in 1903. Looking at evidence in photographs and using our history skills, we sorted planes into how they first looked, how they changed, and what they are like now; identifying their similarities and differences. Our main historical enquiry was into the significant event of the first Moon landing and the Apollo 11 Mission. We looked at the timeline of the mission and found out what the astronauts did on the moon, finding evidence in photographs and in written accounts.

Our key text in literacy was The Man on the Moon by Simon Bartram. This story gave us lots of short writing opportunities and we used the plot to write our own innovated versions of the story as a final outcome of the unit.

Continuing our living things topic in science, we received a very special delivery of some baby caterpillars. It was fascinating to watch them grow in our classroom and change into beautiful butterflies. It was very rewarding to finally take them outside into the flowerbeds and set them free after taking care of them for so long.

In the forest school, we collected leaves to observe how they are different. We sorted and classified them, drew our observations and made leaf rubbings and prints. We also made some leaf aliens that were inspired by the characters in our key text.

We had a very exciting visit from the Creepy Crawly Roadshow who brought in lots of weird and wonderful creatures and told us lots of amazing information about animals. The children had a very valuable experience and were very brave to hold some of the animals. 

We planted bean seeds to understand how plants grow. We set up an experiment with seeds planted in different conditions to find out what plants need to grow and stay healthy.

Steven Lewis Neill also visited us with his family of mice. He challenged us to create ideal habitats for them. The children loved watching how the mice behaved and really enjoyed handling them.

In art, we used Van Gogh's Starry Night to help us experiment with mixing different colours and using different brushstrokes. We also created some space themed art after looking at the different types of galaxies in our universe.

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