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Below you will find some links and ideas for different activities and learning you can do with your children whilst they are at home. I would advise that you try and do a little maths, writing, phonics, spelling and reading every day. I have attached a suggested timetables to give some structure to your day and help keep the children



Some practical activities to try and home:





There are weekly projects for each year group here that you can work through week by week;


There are also a daily maths lesson and support for year group here;




Daily exercise.


9am Joe Wicks does a live PE sessions Monday to Friday on his youtube channel.


BBC Supermovers






Oliver Jeffers is reading a book a day. Maybe you could write a review of one of his stories. 


Other links: 



Mr Brown has been busy whilst you're at home and he has uploaded a short music lesson for you to join in with.




Spring is coming and the flowers are beginning yo grow. See if you can go outside and look for the signs of spring. What animals can you see and hear? What flowers are beginning to bloom? Can you find some minibeasts?




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