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You have all taken home some paper home learning packs to do while we are apart. Please do not worry if you do not make it through the whole pack. As long as you try to do a little bit of reading, writing, maths, phonics and spelling each day that is fantastic! 

Keep checking back to this page, I will be updating the lists with new resources I think will be useful.

Please also visit Mr Howarth's page on our website; Our Classroom Under the Sky, for lots of outdoor ideas.

Weekly Home Learning Activities

As we would have been heading back into school next week (20.04.20) after the Easter holidays, the teachers have put together some home learning tasks linked to the learning that we would have been doing. Click the documents below to download the tasks. Please email your completed tasks to me and I will add them to our Children's Page. You can take photographs of your learning or type using Word if you have a computer. If you have any questions about the learning tasks, please do not hesitate to email me.

There are some more weekly projects for each year group here that you can work through if you want to do some extra activities;


There are also a daily maths lesson and support for year group here;

Phonics at Home

Remember to check the phonics page of our website which has some videos with sounds and actions on and some useful links to help you with your phonics.  - Phonics play is free to use while schools are closed.  - Every one has a log in for this website to practice their phonics. - Lots of phonics and English based games. 


Reading at Home


It is important that you keep reading every day at home. You can read any books that you have at home or try some of these useful websites.  - This is a website that has free ebooks for you to read at home.     - The book trust has some books to read online and some fun games to play.  - David Walliams is uploading a new audiobook every day at 11am for you to listen to and talk about.  - This website is offering 1 month free subscription to read ebooks online.   - Audible stories for children are free until schools reopen. 


Writing at Home  - Every day Pobble upload a new photograph with some ideas about what you could write about.   - This website also has a large collection of lovely pictures to get you writing. 


Remember you could also keep a daily diary about your time at home! 


Maths at Home  - You all have a log in for numbots. This website can be used to practice your times tables and play other maths games.  - Top Marks has lots of maths games for you to enjoy.  - These are TV episodes to reinforce maths learning  - Lots of maths based games.  - Online maths lessons to do at home. 


Science at Home  - Explorify is free to sign up to and provides activities to get you thinking scientifically.  - This website lets you watch live cameras around the world.  You can see different animals and different habitats all over the world.  - On the Edinburgh Zoo website you can watch webcams of different animals. You could write about what the animals are doing at different times of the  day. 



Daily P.E lessons


Every day at 10am Joe Wicks (Thebodycoachtv on Youtube)  will be doing a live P.E lesson for children and adults. This is a great way to start your day being active. The videos are also saved if you would like to do a P.E lesson at another time.



My children also enjoy joining in with Jamie from Cosmic Kids. She tells stories through yoga and teaches children about mindfulness and positive thinking - something we could all do with at this time! Find her channel here.


Another useful website to get you moving is BBC Super Movers. These videos will help you get active and they are also linked to other areas of learning like maths!


Making Music at home! 

Mr Brown has been very busy preparing a music lesson for you to do at home. Keep an eye on his YouTube channel in case he makes any more lessons!

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