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Hello everyone! I hope everyone is keeping well and staying safe at home. We are missing all of our children very much!! We know that everything must feel so different and uncertain for the children, just as it does for us! I want to offer as much support as i possibly can so please keep checking the website and email me if I can help! We are in this together!!!

The children will have received their home learning packs and their online log ins in the last week at school. If your child was absent or didn't get one for any reason please feel free to email me on


I will continue to share ideas of learning you can do at home.




It is really important that the children still have some routine and structure through this difficult time. Try coming up with a timetable that suits your house. Pease don't put too much pressure on  yourselves, just do what you can, try your best. The most important thing is to stay safe with your families! Enjoy this extra time together!!! 





Get up, get dressed and have breakfast!

Its a good idea to start the day with some activity or exercise. Why not try 'P.E with Joe Wicks' or 'Dough disco'?

9:30-10:30 Get outside! The government guidelines say that we can, subject to change, still leave our homes for a walk as a family once a day! make the most of it - go out, have a walk, feed the ducks!! It is  important that families adhere the social distancing rules meaning families shouldn't be meeting up with friends or extended family whilst out of the house.
10:30 - 12:00

Academic time - Remember your children are in nursery! Most of what we do is taught through play aimed to develop attention and concentration creating confident independent learners. During academic time you could use any of the ICT sites suggested.

  • You could work together to complete a jigsaw
  • you could practise counting - how many stairs are in your house? how many doors? how many shoes?
  • use the BBC school radio site to sing number and nursery rhymes
  • practise writing your name.
  • Can you use playdough to write your name? 
  • Can you write your numbers?
  • Can you use chalk to practise our writing patterns, letters or numbers outside?
12- 1 Lunch and free play time
1-  2

Creative time -

  • Can you create your own instrument using an empty bottle and some rice or pasta? what sounds can you make?
  • can you paint a picture? what colours can you name? can you mix paint to make your own colours.
  • Can you make a model using an old cereal box?
  • Free play
  • outdoor play
  • Ict games 


I would also highly suggest, if you don't already do so, to have a story or bedtime story every day! We have worked hard to instill a love of reading amongst the children! reading every day also allows for calm time within the family and often I find with my own children, this is when if your child is worried or concerned about anything they may choose to talk to you. Be that listening ear!


Please if you need anything or just want to share what you have been up to contact me on


Keep in touch 


Mrs Burns 

As parents, we all want to try help our children understand the current situation the best way they can! I am, as I’m sure you are,  feeling worried during this time and worrying about supporting our children through this scary time doesn’t help!!! 

Take a look at this story all about coronavirus! Talk to your children, be that listening ear! 


Take care xxx

            Ideas for learning at home 
Please find ideas below to help support your child with literacy and Maths at home.
Happy Easter everyone 

Happy Easter boys and girls

Still image for this video

Lots of activities to be getting on with here! Some

nice craft ideas including an Easter chick using an egg box!! if you haven’t got a printer don’t worry, so what you can! 

Easter hunt ideas

Sink time 

Who’s missing the water play from nursery? Look at these fabulous ideas of how to enjoy water play using your bathroom sink and toys  that you already have around the house! We are defiantly going to try some of these ideas in my house! Let me know if you try it! 

Mark making

Why not practise your mark making! All you need is a paint brush and some water!!! Lots of fun to be had! Even Baby Ezra had a go ๐Ÿ˜‚

Scavenger hunt


These are really fun to do and can be done around the house! Why don’t you have a go in your house? 

Chase the rainbow ๐ŸŒˆ 


We have a lovely community! Let’s see if we can brighten up everyones mood by decorating our windows with  rainbows! 
Can you see any rainbows in your street? 


Me and my daughter have our rainbow ready, have you?

Dough disco is great for helping to support your child’s fine motor skills! Try make your own playdough too! It’s really easy and your children will love to help.

P.E with Joe Every day at 9:00 on YouTube

Day One of my 9am daily workouts

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