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Man on the Moon

Our key text this half term is 'Man on the Moon' by Simon Bartram. 

Who is the main character? What do you know about Bob? What are the key events in the story? Talk to someone at home about the story. 

We then learnt about the 'real' man on the moon! Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins were the first men to visit the moon. 

We used drama to act out the events of the first moon landing and used images to create a timeline.

Children wrote questions that they would want to ask Neil Armstrong. They then played 'hot seating', one child being the reporter and another child the astronuat. They asked and answered questions.

Can you find the answers to these questions at home?

When did the first men go to the moon?

What did they travel in?

How long did it take to get there?

Why did they go?

What did they do when they were there?


In music we created our own musical compositions to make an alien song! We wrote a score and worked in teams; one person being the composer and another person being the musician. We performed our compositions to the rest of the class. 

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