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Me and my friends

This half term we have enjoyed working with a local artist; Miss Smith. We have explored self-portraits and the work of Picasso and Giacometti.

In science we learnt all about ourselves and our bodies. We took part in lots of practical investigations to explore our senses and our differences. 

We worked with a local scientist; Steven Lewis Neille, to explore our senses. We used our forest school area to investigate our senses and then we compared our senses to the senses of a mouse!

We used our forest school area to use natural materials for our artwork. We made some self-portraits, thinking carefully about which materials we could use for the different parts of our faces. 

In maths we had fun exploring number! We learnt how to represent numbers in different ways.

In English we wrote poems about autumn leaves falling. To collect vocabulary we used our forest school area to watch the autumn leaves fall!

In maths we used our forest school area to explore length. We found things that were longer and shorter than our strips of paper.
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