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Nursery bubble

It has been so lovely to see some of our nursery children return to school! They have adapted so well to the changes and have enjoyed being back with their friends.

Settling back in to nursery, enjoying being with our friends.

This week we are exploring ‘snails’ in nursery and at home! Take a look at some of the activities the children have been doing, can you do any learning about snails at home?

We are busy exploring spirals in nursery

Today we have been practising our counting

Today we have been practising our phonic skills. We practised oral blending and sorting objects by their initial sound. We practised writing our letters! We have  sorted so hard today! 

We enjoyed watching the story of the snail and the whale today.Why don't you watch it at home?

Super writing today in nursery

Afternoon bubble
The afternoon children have settled in well! They have been enjoying being back with their friends and teachers.
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