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At our school, we embed phonics learning by teaching high quality, stimulating and active sessions in a systematic way, so all children develop a secure understanding of letters and sounds, enabling them to read with fluency and apply knowledge and skills to spell accurately within their writing across the curriculum.



Phonics is taught in every class across the whole school, including the Nursery. We follow the Red Rose Letters and Sounds programme, which is a rigorous and systematic approach to the teaching of phonics. Reading books are matched to the sounds that children  are being taught to ensure they can practise and consolidate their phonics to become confident readers, giving them the tools to access the wider curriculum. 



Click below to download sound mats for each phonics phase:

Click below to download the actions for all the letter sounds:

Below are some phonics based websites and links:


  • Phonics Play A website with information for parents and games for children.
  • BBC Bitesize "A fun activity to help children at KS1 learn about phonics."
  • Family Learning A website with numerous links to phonics games on other websites.
  • BBC Words and Pictures "These activities focus on the common spelling patterns for the nine vowel phonemes that are introduced in Year 2."
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