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Have a look at some of these home learning activities you can do to support phase 1 phonics.

If you have a laptop this is a great PowerPoint to help support oral blending- this is when children can blend the sounds to make a word, eg c-a-t cat. It is vital that children have this skill before reading. 

why don’t you find some objects around the house and see if your child can hear the sounds in the words such as pan P-a-n. Pen  p-e-n  ect 

Metal mike game

Phonics Hero Oral Blending Example

Level 1 oral blending game.

Jolly Songs 42 sounds and vowel song

Use these songs to help support your child’s letter recognition.

When we begin to teach letter sounds we begin with the letters s,a,t,p,I,n.


Letter formation

There are lots of fun ways to practise writing letters! Why don’t you practise at home, don’t forget to let me know you get on. X

Phase 1 Phonics Letter Sounds (Set 1)

Phase 1 Phonics Letter Sounds This Phase 1 video was created to help introduce letter sounds, usually as initial sounds, and new vocabulary. Each video intro...

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