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Photographs of you and your learning!

Zarish has been working very hard and done some incredible learning this week. I especially like her sentences all about butterfly facts. Thank you mum and dad for all your help!

Its been lovely to see that Ayesha has been doing some brilliant maths at home! Counting in twos and adding using resources she has found in her house! Aswel as doing some tasty baking and bike riding. Fantastic work Ayesha! Good girl!

Uzair has been doing some super activities this week. He's been making some slime and some delicious looking white chocolate pineapple pieces that I think i might make myself they look that good!! Well done Uzair!

Khajijah has been doing some lovely activities at home with her family.Lots of crafting and creating and very imaginitive games. Well done Khadijah and mummy!

More from Ayesha! She's a very busy bee indeed! Lots of PE, cooking, praying and some fantastic sentence work. Look how neat her handwriting is! Good girl Ayesha.
It is lovely to see Ayesha working hard doing her super spellings! She is missing her teachers lots but having a great time at home helping her mum and spending precious time with her family <3
Uzair looks like he's been having a fantastic time outside in the sunshine and baking with his family! He's also been doing some work on purple mash online! Well done Uzair!!
Ayesha has been a very busy girl doing her handwriting, colouring and baking! Keep up the hard work! Absolutely lovely to see Ayesha well done!
Sultaan has been very busy and has put a smile on my face by completing all his home learning booklet! Well done Sultaan!
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