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Playtime Buddies

After last year's successful introduction of playtime buddies, school council have decided to continue this work this year. As we are now having our snack out on the playground at playtime school council will make sure this is a safe time for all children. You will see them in their hi-visibility vests making sure children are under the canopy whilst eating their snack and left over fruit goes in the bins provided. At the end of playtime school council will put the left over fruit into the compost bins. 
During playtime and lunch times school council are also there to make sure all children are happy. If you have any problems at playtime, as well as speaking to an adult you could also find a member of school council in their hi-visibility vests and they could help you find someone to play with, help you learn a new game or help take you to the first aider if you are injured. We aim for every child to have a safe and fun playtime every day!
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