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Today the children in each class made a pledge to be responsible for keeping our school looking beautiful. They talked about it with their teachers and will keep the promises they have made.

Everyone at school is responsible for looking after our school rabbits. Class 9 have done an amazing job this week. Well done!

The children showed our school value of responsibility by cleaning our school playground. They worked so hard. Well done children!

The children have been learning about an amazing lady called Wangari Mathai who, through her actions, showed us the importance of being responsible for our world.


Mrs Wilkinson introduced our new school value of RESPONSIBILITY by talking about the responsibility of being a pet owner. Lots of the children talked about their pets and how they were responsible for looking after them.
We talked about the different responsibilities we all had in school today. We all take those responsibilities very seriously.
We are responsible for our world. What can we do to help? The children came up with lots of good ideas in our assembly. They are going to keep an eye on the classroom lights to check if they could be turned off at times. They are also going to monitor how the staff bring their packed lunch. No more cling film or foil teachers! Bring your lunch in a washable container that you can reuse.
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