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Starting school

Hello everyone!


You should now all have heard which school your child will be attending in September. I hope you are all happy with your schools! If I can help with anything at all please don’t hesitate to email me on

I will be keeping the website up to date with any useful information to support you and your children In the transition from nursery to school! 

For children who will be attending Whitefield in September, please follow the link to the 'new parents' section on our website. 
Can you put your coat on and zip it up? 

It’s important that the children gain a little bit of independence and confidence before starting school! 
so see if you can learn how to put your coat on and then fasten your zip! 

Here is my daughter demonstrating how she learnt to put her coat on, why don’t you send me a video so I can see you try? 

How to put your coat on!

Still image for this video
Try to practise putting your coat on, this is an easy way when you are learning
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