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In maths we explored sequencing and making patterns. We used objects, numbers and shapes to make lots of different repeating patterns.

Someone left a huge mess in our classroom! We had to be detectives in English to find out who the criminal was!
We went on a visit to the local cenotaph to learn all about Remembrance Day. We made our own poppy wreath to lay at the cenotaph.
In our design and technology lessons we designed and made a parachute for Supertato. We tested our parachutes and evaluated them.
In our art lessons we explored 'pop art'. We learnt about different artists and created our own pictures and sculptures in the style of pop art.
In an R.E assembly we learnt all about Diwali. We enjoyed the story so much that we acted it out in class.
We have been working very hard this half term so someone came to pay us a special visit!
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