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On Tuesday we went outside for play time and when we came back in someone had made a HUGE mess in our classroom! The children had to get their detectives heads on and investigate who the culprit was. We found a few clues and even found a pea hiding in our golden box!! The children think he was trying to steal all their toys.
In maths we have been learning about fractions. We used oranges as our whole and peeled them to see how many parts there was. We learnt that a fraction is a part of a whole.  
In art this half term we have been looking at the work of Andy Warhol. We created our own portraits in the style of Andy Warhol making sure we used bright colours. We learnt lots of new skills and enjoyed making some 3D sculptures.
As part of our Superhero topic we discussed local heroes. We visited the Cenotaph in Nelson Town Centre during remembrance time to pay our respects to the local heroes from the past who fought in the war. We looked at all the names and had 2 minutes silence to pay our respects.
In science we have been learning about animals. Our local scientist Steven Lewis Neill came to visit us and brought lots of different animals in for us to observe and look at their structure. The children sketched some of the animals and then compared their structures.
As part of our superhero topic we put on a Play in a Day for Class 9 and our parents. We spent all day learning our play and everyone had a part! We had so much fun and Pants Man learnt his lesson. Always be kind.
We used DT skills to design and make parachutes for Supertato! We looked carefully at how we could join and fix the different parts of our parachute. The children then tested their product to see if Supertato could land safely on the ground. We then evaluated our products and discussed what we could change next time.
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