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Week 1

Friday 27th March


Today, Chester Zoo are opening their do and letting you have a virtual tour of the zoo.  You'll get to see lots of animals and you'll see the Zoo Keepers feeding the animals.  The doors open at 10am!  Which is your favourite animal?  You could draw your favourite animal and label it.


Follow this link to visit Chester Zoo: 


Thursday 26th March


Hello Class 3,


I started the day doing PE with Joe Wicks.  Let me know if you've been trying these classes.  I was very tired by the end of it!


This afternoon I am going to go into my garden and do some weeding (I'm not very good at gardening!!).  I'm hoping that I'll find some mini-beasts and then I'll take some pictures of them.  If I find some I'll put the photographs on the website.  Maybe you could look in your garden and see what mini-beasts you can find?


Keep in touch!


Miss Whittaker xx

This is what I found in my garden today, a worm and a spider.  I also kept seeing a very busy bee and a butterfly, but I couldn't take a photograph of them before they flew away.

What do spiders have that worms don't?

I also found different signs of Spring in my garden.  Some very golden Daffodils and a beautiful Magnolia tree with lots of buds on the branches. 


Can you think of any other signs Spring?

Wednesday 25th March


Hello Class 3,


I am missing you all very much! 


I have been making sure I go for a walk everyday and today I went on a path, through some fields, near where I live.  I've been making sure that I go somewhere quiet and the only things that I have bumped into along the way are sheep!  Can you spot me in one of the photographs?

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