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Week 11


Leon has been very busy this week learning how to tell the time.  He has also been writing addition and subtraction number sentences.


It is lovely to see that Leon is using the Phonics pack that school has given.  He has used the different digraphs and trigraphs to make words.  Then, with his super handwriting, he has written a list of all the different words he made.


Excellent home learning Leon.  Keep up all your hard work!


Miss Whittaker xx

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Ismail has been very busy with his phonics and English home learning.  His Mummy has asked him to practice writing his tricky words and he has done a super job at remembering them.  Ismail also wrote about his favourite minibeast ... it is a spider!

Ismail has really enjoyed learning all about frogs this week.  He loved completing his subtraction number sentences, using the '5 Little Speckled Frogs' to help him.  Ismail's Mummy has said that he will try subtracting numbers from 10 next week.


Ismail has also made a fantastic life cycle of a frog.  I love how your frog is sticking its tongue out ready to catch a juicy fly!

Ismail's Mummy told me how well his sunflowers are growing.  She said that Ismail really enjoyed making his won watering can and used it to water his sunflowers.  They have grown so well Ismail, you must really be looking after them.

This is super home learning Ismail.  I am so pleased to hear that you are really enjoying all the different activities.  Well done!


Miss Whittaker xx

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