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Week 15


Another fantastic week of home learning from Ismail.  It is so lovely to hear from Ismail and his Mummy every week.  Ismail really enjoys looking at what the children in school have been doing and they enjoy seeing what you have been doing too!


Ismail's Mummy told me that one of his favourite books is What the Ladybird Heard.  The children in school really enjoy this book too.  Just have a look at Ismail's super speech bubble.  I can see he is trying so hard with his letter formation.

Ismail used his phonics to segment and write the animal noises from the story.  I can tell from Ismail's learning that he used his 'robot arms' to help him sound out.  Excellent phonics learning Ismail!


Ismail made the ladybird puppet, he had made, to then re-tell the story.


Ismail always enjoys completing the Maths tasks and this week was no exception.  His Mummy wrote different numbers to 20 and Ismail had to recognise the number and then count the correct number of pom-poms.  He has counted so carefully and accurately!


Ismail made a fantastic ladybird life cycle.  He used pipe-cleaners and play-doh to make the different stages of the life cycle.  I really liked how Ismail wrapped a pipe-cleaner around a pencil to make the pupa.


Mr Dave will be so proud of what Ismail has been doing too.  Last week it was 'Sports Week' so Ismail and his Mummy decided to make an obstacle course.  Ismail had to do star jumps, balancing, jumping and crawling.  I was tired just watching Ismail complete his obstacle course!  I've decided that we are going to make one school and I'll video the children completing their obstacle course.


Ismail's Obstacle Course

Still image for this video

You truly are a little super star Ismail.  Well done, keep up your fantastic learning and I'll look forward to seeing what you have been doing next week!


Miss Whittaker xx

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