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Week 2



Our next Class 1 celebrities are :



Rayyan, and his big brother Salik :)



Mrs Hutchinson taught Rayyan's brother Salik when he was in Nursery and it makes Mrs Hutchinson feel very proud (and also old ...) seeing how much you have grown now Salik!


I am so very proud of you both for creating such a lovely tribute to our NHS key workers - a beautiful rainbow created using pastel chalks.


I am sure this beautiful rainbow has made a lot of people smile already - it has certainly made Mrs Hutchinson smile lots :) its just amazing.


Very proud of both of you!


Well done Rayyan and Salik.


Sending love to you and your lovely family.



Rayyan and Salik

"Teamwork makes the dream work"

Still image for this video

"Teamwork makes the dream work" - from Mrs Hutchinson's Friday assemblies

Do you remember this Rayyan?

Well thats exactly what you are doing now! I will show this to everyone when we have our next assembly very soon!

Very proud of you :)





Keep safe :)








Our next Class member to appear on the website is:



Dawood (and his little sister) 


It looks like you have been having so much fun at home with your family - painting your feet and making marks on a HUGE sheet!! You are very lucky to have a Mummy with lovely ideas like this.







Dawood painting his living room!!! (with a difference)

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More painting!

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Not only has Dawood been painting his living room this week - he has also been very busy baking cakes and practising his writing! Goodness me Dawood - how have you managed to fit so much in a week?!


I am very proud of you for working so hard - and it is so lovely to see you enjoying your holiday with your lovely family.


We miss your lovely smile lots and I can't wait to hear about what else you get up to in your holidays.



Dawood being busy again!




Here's some more pictures of Dawood's painting skills




'Painter and Decorator' Dawood




Thank you so much for sending me your pictures and videos - it has really made me smile seeing you having so much fun.



Keep safe Dawood and family :)


And keep up the good work!



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