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Week 2

Friday 3rd April

Hello everyone,


Hope you are all well?  Last night, at 8pm, I went outside to join in with the clapping for the NHS.  It was a wonderful atmosphere and a lovely way to say thank you.  All my neighbours were outside and joining in.  Somebody was ringing a bell and somebody else was banging a pan!


Did you hear the clapping last night?

Wednesday 1st April

Hello Class 3,


I thought you'd like to know what Mr Bobby has been doing whilst our school has been closed.


Mr Bobby and his friends have been doing a fantastic job making food and delivering it to all the hospitals in the local area.  The food has been for all our fantastic NHS staff, who are working so hard to make sure that their patients are being well looked after and getting better in this difficult time.


All the staff are very proud of Mr Bobby and would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to him and everyone who has been helping.  Keep it up Mr Bobby you are making such a difference!

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