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Week 2

Week 2

It has been another busy week in our Bubble.  The children have worked so hard this week with their English and Maths learning.


We have all been reading What the Ladybird Heard by Julia Donaldson.  The children used their phonics to help them write about the different animals the ladybird told.

The children really enjoyed re-telling the story to each other, using their own little ladybird.

On Tuesday Mrs Farooq made a delicious cake and she brought me and Mr Bobby a piece to eat.  But you'll never guess what happened ... someone ate our cake! 


The children were so shocked by this very sad news that they wanted to help us find out who had eaten the cake.  We decided to write a 'Lost' poster to see if we could find the 'Cake Culprit'! 

The children played some lovely Maths games with each other. 

The children learnt all about the life cycle of a ladybird.  They each made their own life cycle and shared them with their family at home.

Did you decorate some biscuits?  We did!  The children used red and black icing to decorate the biscuit.  They counted the chocolate drops to make sure their ladybird had the same number of spots on each side.

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