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Week 2



Hello children,


So this week I have been on a few walks nearby to where I live. I made sure I got up really early in the morning so that not many people would be around. I wonder if you can recognise where I have been on my walks with Harry? Have a look at the video underneath - you might recognise the water!!


I tried to make Harry say hello to you - but he didn't seem to want to. 


Very sorry about that children......




Where is Mrs Hutchinson?

Still image for this video
Which part of the canal is this?




We took some pictures of where we have been on our walks. Harry can't walk very far on his own so we've been having to carry him.


This is all helping me to keep fit - alongside doing the Joe Wicks P.E lesson every morning at 9am.


Are you doing the PE lesson?


You should definitely try it if not - its so much fun.


Maybe you could send me a picture of you doing it like Zakariya did?








Here is another video of Harry on a walk nearby to where we live.


Harry's dad got a bit carried away I think.





Harry's goes for a ride......

Still image for this video

Harry and his Dad



Ooo - Mrs Hutchinson has just had a message from Miss O' Horo and her little boy Louis, who is aged 2. Its so nice to hear from Miss O'Horo as I am missing her and Mrs Worswick lots. I'm sure you are too children. Isn't it nice that we have the website to keep in touch with our friends and teachers?


It looks like Louis has been having lots of fun with Miss O'Horo.

Look at him painting spaghetti - what a good idea, he's a very lucky boy is. 

Class 1 will have to do this when we get back from our holidays won't we?


Would you like to paint some spaghetti?


Maybe you could do this during your holidays and send me a picture. I'm sure it would make Miss O' Horo smile too!





Painting spaghetti



By the way - look how cool Louis's scooter is! He looks to be enjoying riding it for his daily exercise routine doesn't he children?


Have you got a scooter at home too?


Maybe you could ride on yours for your daily exercise too?


(Make sure you wear a helmet just like our friend Louis)







Louis on his scooter



Mr Howarth will also be updating his 'Classroom Under the Sky' every Tuesday and Friday.  He will be sharing lots of lovely ideas that you can do whilst you're at home.


You can follow this link straight to the webpage:



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