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Week 3

Week 3

As promised we made an obstacle course this afternoon!  The children really enjoyed making their own obstacle course and then completing it!


Class 3’s Obstacle Course

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We have had another fantastic week in Class 3 and the children have worked so hard.


The children really enjoyed reading the key text and I think some children have changed their minds about spiders … unfortunately Mrs Farooq still doesn't like spiders!


The children wrote a sentence explaining why the do or don't like spiders.  Then we wrote a letter asking Mrs Mason if we could have a pet spider and finally the children explained what their favourite pet was.  Phew!


In Maths, the children went on a 2-D shape hunt around the classroom.  We recapped the properties of the shapes and I was so pleased with how much the children knew about the shapes.   Well done Class 3!

Have a look at Abubakr's fantastic phonics ...

The children made their own spider webs.  They rolled 2 marbles in black paint and then moved them around their paper.  They finished their web's with some glitter and a spider.


The children have really enjoyed playing together in the de-constructed role play.  They made a funfair!  It was fantastic!  Each day they kept creating different rides and attractions from everyone to enjoy.  You could only get in if you had a ticket though!

On Thursday afternoon the children decorated biscuits.  They made spider biscuits!



For snack they got to eat the biscuits, but it all got a bit messy with the black icing!
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