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Week 4



On week 4 I have received some lovely photographs from:




Rayyan and Salik :)


Boys, you have been so busy :)


 It was lovely to hear from your Mum again telling me how much she is enjoying spending time with you two - it looks like you are having so much fun which makes Mrs Hutchinson smile.


Look what your Mummy said - I am so pleased you're enjoying such quality family time together :



"We are enjoying this family time so much and it makes you realise how much we could be doing in family time other than the children having tablets and 'telly time'. Rayyans been taking time out and completing sheets from his homework booklets, we have had many pancake mornings with different toppings, we also surprised Salik and Rayyan on a garden party and made their favourite meal to celebrate our little heroes. At 8pm each Thursday we go out to cheer, clap and light candles to thank all the NHS and the frontline team for doing such an amazing job. We having lots of fun with our board games in family time and our craft box is always out which Rayyan is loving to make different pictures each day. Also going out for walks on the canal when it is quiet❤️"


Rayyan's Mum, Noreen




Look at the lovely photographs I have received. Thank you so much for sending them :)





Rayyan and Salik :)




I love that you have been going on family walks for your daily exercise :)


I think Mrs Hutchinson must have seen the same water that you have when she went on her walk down onto the canal with Harry.


Next time I go there on my daily walk I shall think of you two just a bit further down :)


Keep safe all of you :)


I really can't wait to see you again soon and hear all about the lovely time you've been spending with your family :)














I am very pleased to see: 




Yashfeen has been working so hard this week on her writing. She has written a lovely, long story about the forest. Can you see how neat her writing is? Yashfeen has been continuing to practice her excellent cursive handwriting. What a clever girl you are :)



Yashfeen has not stopped there! She has also completed some addition number sentences! It certainly looks like you are keeping up with your reading, writing and maths skills doesn't it?





Well done Yashfeen - I am very proud of you!


Hope you and your family are keeping safe and well :)

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