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Week 4



Hi children!

So we have just finished week 4 of our time at home!! I hope you are all still keeping safe and well.


Look who has been baking a delicious chocolate cake this week.........



............ its Mrs Worswick!!!!







Doesn't Mrs Worswick's cake look delicious children? I wish I could taste it. I bet you all miss Mrs Worswick's baking lessons don't you? Once we get back maybe she could make some chocolate crispies with you?


It was so nice to hear from Mrs Worswick. She told me that she has been on lots of walks for her daily exercise. She has also been very busy looking after her Mum and Dad, dropping off their shopping outside of their house.


Mrs Worswick has been very busy hasn't she? We miss her lots and can't wait to see her and Miss O'Horo soon.



This week Mrs Hutchinson has been on another walk with Harry for their daily exercise. Harry is just about able to walk now but not very far so Mrs Hutchinson has to carry him!! It tires Mrs Hutchinson out, but its always nice to get outdoors for a short while isn't it?





Please keep sending me your photographs of all the lovely learning you are doing at home.


Send it to :


Keep safe everybody x

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