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Week 6



Hello children!


Well I got a lovely surprise on my daily walk today - I saw Miss Whittaker on her daily walk too! We made sure we stayed a safe distance apart but it was lovely to speak to her. She told me that she was missing Class 3!


I've had quite a good week too spotting signs of Spring!


Can you see any in the pictures below?



Picture 1



Bluebells growing

Picture 1
Picture 2



Little lambs.


Harry loved these - he was saying "Baa Baa" to them


(I don't think they understood him though)

Picture 1



We also saw this lovely horse that was in a field with some donkeys. The donkeys wouldn't come close enough for a picture though because Harry was shouting "Baa Baa" at them. 


Oh well.



Please send me your pictures of Spring. Please could someone send me a picture of a butterfly if you see one?



I tried to take a picture of one, but it flew away!



Stay safe children x

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