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Week 5



Ismail is working so hard at home and every week he sends me pictures of all his super learning.  I'm sure that Ismail would like see what everyone else has been doing!


This week Ismail has started a seed diary and he will keep writing in it every week explaining what is happening to his seed.  He has even labelled a flower and listed what seeds and plants need to grow!  I'll follow Ismail's instructions when I plant my seeds.

Ismail has been learning his number bonds to 10.  Can you remember your number bonds?  Have a look at what Ismail used to help him ... 
Ismail has also been making 'tricky words'.  He has used the idea from the weekly task to practice spelling them.  Can you read the words that Ismail has spelt?

On Wednesday 22nd April it was World Earth Day and it is day where people think about ways that we can look after the World we live in.


Ismail has made a fantastic poster.  He made the Earth using his handprints and he has written a list of ways that we can help to look after our World.  There's some fantastic ideas Ismail and I'll make sure I follow you ideas to do my bit!


I am so proud of Ismail and his Mummy for all their hard work.  I would like to say a BIG thank you to you both for sharing your super learning and I always look forward to seeing which activities you have been doing.


Miss Whittaker x


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It was lovely to see photographs of Haris and his sister.  It looks like they have been having a lovely time walking, playing games and having a barbecue!  Seeing that delicious barbecue food made me feel very hungry.  I think I'll have to have a barbecue very soon!


Thank you for sharing your photographs Haris.  It's great to see your lovely smile!


Miss Whittaker x



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