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Week 6

Hello children,


I hope you are all keeping well and your lovely families too. What a busy week so far this week for Mrs Mansoor! The week started off with some sunshine so me and Al-Yasa spent some lovely time in the garden watering the plants and flowers.


I have also been busy this week helping Al-Yasa with his learning- he is learning all about frogs and we have been watching videos about the life cycle of a frog. It has been so much fun learning about it, He even made a frog using playdough!


Al-Yasa has been helping me a lot this week especially when it's time to open my fast at Iftar time. He has been helping me to get the table ready and even wash the dishes. I hope you have all been good and have been helping your mummy's and daddy's and grown ups too whilst they are fasting!


I miss you all so so so much and I just can't wait to see you all very soon. Keep smiling everyone you are all my superstars. Have a lovely weekend and take care of yourselves.


Lots of love

Mrs Mansoor xxx

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