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Week 7


Today, I have had two emails from Ismail and his Mummy!  The first one was sent to myself and Mrs Mason and when I read the email, it made me burst with pride!  Ismail has made the most beautiful rainbow picture for the NHS and coloured it so carefully, because he knew how special his picture was.


Ismail's Mummy explained that she has a cousin, who is a Consultant, at Tameside hospital and she gave it to him to show how grateful they were for the NHS.  He liked it so much that he took it into the hospital to show (and cheer up) everybody who works in his department!  It looks like they really loved your picture Ismail!


Ismail wanted to do something extra-special for the NHS because he isn't able to clap at 8pm because he's fast asleep by then.  What a lovely, thoughtful idea.  I've promised Ismail that I will clap extra-loud tonight.


Ismail has continued with lots of home learning and he has really enjoyed completing the weekly tasks.  He has completed some fantastic subtraction learning and used numbers up to 20!




Ismail wrote different words using the 'sh' and 'ch' digraph.  He then used the words to make the petals of the flowers.  Can you use your robot arms to read the words Ismail has written?




Ismail has continued to enjoy opening his Ramadan calendar and he wanted to share some of the treats that he received.  I really enjoyed reading the notes and finding out about Ramadan.


Well done Ismail!  He has completed another level from 'Teach your monster to read' and he has received another certificate.

This is fantastic learning this week Ismail!  You and your Mummy have been very busy!


Miss Whittaker xx

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It was excellent to hear from Leon and see all his fantastic home learning this week.  

I was so pleased to see that Leon has completed an activity from the Weekly Task.  Using his phonics he has thought of lots of different words with the 'sh' digraph.  He looks very pleased with his home learning.  Super handwriting too, Leon!


I was so impressed and proud of the super Maths learning Leon has completed.  He has been using an hundred square to solve subtraction and addition number problems! Wow Leon, that is fantastic home learning.

Thank you for your super home learning Leon!  It is lovely to see what you have been doing at home.


Miss Whittaker xx

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