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Week 7



This week our Class 1 superstar is:




Yashfeen has been so busy keeping up with her school work. She has been using our weekly task sheet to complete some subtraction number sentences. She has shown her jottings and workings out :)

She has also been finding different ways of making 10, 20 and teen numbers! She showed her jottings for this too.


What a clever girl Yashfeen is - well done to you :)






Yashfeen has also been practicing her sentence writing too! She has been writing sentences using difficult Phase 3 phonemes. I love Yashfeen's beautiful handwriting too :) Well done.



I have also received another photograph which includes your sister Zahra!!! Mrs Hutchinson used to teach Zahra when she was in Class 1 - it is so lovely to see you together having so much fun!!!




Yashfeen says she is really missing her friends and teachers and she wants to say "Hello to everyone in Class 1"


We all miss you and your family very much too Yashfeen.


Keep safe :)


Mrs Hutchinson :)

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