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Week 9



This week our superstar is:


Rayyan :)


Rayyan has been so busy this week, still making time to fit his learning in as well as celebrating the end of Ramadan and Eid! I don't know how you have managed to fit it all in Rayyan - Well done to you and your family!!!!


Have a look at some of Rayyan's photos underneath:


Rayyan's photos include: a beautiful representation of the lifecycle of a butterfly using natural resources; lots of subtraction number sentences; he has also made some wonderful phonics flowers and has used his phonic knowledge to paint sentences onto a very large piece of paper!!! Wow Rayyan - I am so proud of you for working so, so hard!!!!


You also managed to fit in celebrating Eid and it looks like you have had a barbeque too!!


What a busy bee you have been!


I really hope you and your family had lots of fun celebrating Eid together.  I am sure it was very different to your usual Eid celebrations, but I bet you, your brother Salik and your lovely Mum and Dad had a great time together :)


Keep safe all of you :)


And thank you so much for sending in your wonderful home learning!!





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Amazing Rayyan :)



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