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What have you been up too?

Please email me to keep updated on how you all are! I am missing you all sooooooooo much!!! 

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Hassan has been working really hard at home! Look at his wonderful number formation! Keep up the good work Hassan πŸ‘
Aiza’s sister emailed me to show me a picture of Aiza in her Eid clothes. Doesn’t she look fancy? 

Saifs mum emailed again and showed me all the lovely work saif has been doing from this weeks summer challenges! I love his drawing and his super number sentences about the rhyme ‘5 little speckled frogs’ 

Saif is doing so well with his learning but his mummy told me that Saif is getting a bit fed up and is missing his friends! I think we all feel a bit like that Saif!! But we must remember that this isn’t forever, and the most important thing at the moment is to stay home even if we can get a bit fed up sometimes!! 

I am really missing all the children and teachers from nursery! It seems such a long time since we were all together doesn’t it? 

Don’t forget you can always email me, even if it isn’t about work and you are just feeling a bit fed up and want to say hello! I am here for you xxxx

I was so happy to hear from Hassan, I am so happy he and his family are safe and well! Looks like he’s been keeping busy doing activities at home, I love his colouring and his writing! Well done Hassan xxxx
Look at Saif writing the letter ‘a’ what a clever boy! 


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I heard from Fatima today, this made me so happy!!! 

Fatima has been busy making cookies for her family for Ramadan, how kind! I hope we get to continue our weekly baking soon, I miss it, do you? 

Yummmm, I want to eat Fatima’s cookies πŸͺ 😬 πŸ˜‹ 

It’s our friend Saif again! He has been so busy with his grown ups taking part in somE of the weekly summer challenges! I am so proud of Saif and his family! 

I was so so pleased to hear from Zahra and her family! I love hearing that you are all safe and well and I’m enjoying seeing all the great fun you are all having! 

Zahra has been having lots of fun

I am so proud of Saif and his mummy for working so hard on this weeks challenges!!! Well done, super learning 🌟 

Rumaisa looks like she isEnjoying her tea party with her dolls

Aiza has been writing her name at home! Well done Aiza 

This morning just as I was thinking of you all and missing you, a lovely email popped up from saif and his brother Musa singing the a beautiful song it made me smile but miss you all even more! Thank you boys xxx


Saif has been busy again! What a clever boy he is! Saifs mummy has said that he has been practising writing his name! Could you have a go? 
look at him drawing outside with chalk! What a fab idea! 

Today Fatima emailed me!!! I was so happy to hear from her. She has been busy helping her mummy with her sister Amirah. She has been writing her name and practising her pencil grip and control, how clever!

Fatima is really growing up, today she chose her own outfit and got dressed all by herself, so independent, well done Fatima xxxx

Today I heard from Aiza Fatima! She has been busy colouring in at home? What a super job!!


Who else has been colouring at home? 

Today I was so happy to get an email from

Raheems mummy πŸ₯° I am so glad he is being a good boy and keeping safe at home! He looks like he is being very busy at home, painting and helping with the cooking. 

Hasn’t Raheem got some strange pets? 
Why don’t you have a go and see if you can meet a lion or a tiger or who knows? 

I’ve heard from Saif again! He is keeping very busy at home! Well done Saif

Hina has been a busy β€˜ bee’ again! Well done Hina xxxx

It was so lovely to hear from Saifs mummy! Im

so glad he is being a good boy, listening to his mummy and helping around the house! 
He has been busy painting a beautiful rainbow! Could you make a rainbow at home? 

Well done Hina for painting a beautiful rainbow! It was so lovely to hear from Hinas mummy!! 

Wow saif really is a busy boy!!!

look at his fantastic captain America shield that he has made with his mummy and brother Musa! 
Well done Saif xxxx

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