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What if...?

This half term was all about questioning the norm...What if things were different?

We focused on alternative fairy tales - our core text was Mr Wolf and the Three Bears by Jan Fearnley.

We thought about the characters in the story and how they are normally portrayed in other fairy tales. Wolves are usually mean aren't they? And Goldilocks is supposed to be scared of bears, right? Don't be so sure! We wrote our own descriptions of the main characters, created riddles for different fairy tale characters and made some yummy food by following Grandma Wolf's recipes.

Visiting Wheatley Lane School


This half term saw us meet up with our friends from Wheatley Lane as we visited their school. We spent a jam-packed afternoon developing our relationships by building bridges using many different materials. We had a wonderful time and hope to see them again maybe in the summer term.

Design Technology


Inspired by various fairy story characters, we designed, made and evaluated our very own traditional tale glove puppets for us to play with. We had to practise lots of tricky skills such as sewing, gluing, stapling and drawing to bring our puppets to life. We were all very creative and worked independently on our own ideas. I'm sure you will agree that they look fantastic and we cannot wait until Mr Ward lets us take them home so we can finally play with them!

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